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Design. Sculpture. Nature.

We’re a husband and wife team that loves collaborating together. So much so, that sometimes we joke about sharing a brain. Connecting the dots looking backwards, we see how our collective experience in fine arts, marketing,  graphic design, and custom corporate products have brought us to where we are today. We’ve taken these experiences and passions to make beautiful everyday items while respecting nature and our community. We hope you enjoy our carefully created handmade items that embrace design, nature and all things that are perfectly imperfect. To see what previous clients have to say about our product, check out our Etsy website, www.osohome.etsy.com with over 8000 sales and a 5 star review average.

Chris and Monica

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CUTTING BOARD CARE - Never soak in water - Do not place in dishwasher - Rinse with hot water and mild soap, let dry completely - Scrub with coarse salt and lemon juice to remove onion or garlic smells - Treat with OSOhome Wood Butter or food grade mineral oil (when it looks dry).

WHAT IS LIVE EDGE? Live Edge or Raw Edge is the natural edge of the wood, sometimes there is bark and sometimes the bark falls off. When the tree is harvested in the fall and winter, the bark adheres to the tree but when it is harvested in the spring, it tends to fall off. We do our best to remove any loose bark from the board and each piece will differ in the amount that stays on resulting in either a smoother or rustic edge.

CUTTING BOARD FINISH - Cutting boards can only be finished with food safe products such as mineral oils and waxes such as beeswax. They can not be stained or varnished as this would make them dangerous to use a cutting board. Therefore, cutting boards are not shiny or glossy, but proper and regular maintenance can give them a nice sheen and highlight their natural beauty.

LAMINATED BOARDS - Most of the cutting boards that are available for sale are laminated, pieces of wood glued together. OSOhome cutting boards are made from one solid piece of wood giving them a very beautiful and unique look.

ENGRAVING - Our engraving is subtle, and on walnut even more so as it is tone on tone. This is characteristic of our approach at OSOhome where we embrace and feature the natural beauty of the wood.

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